Here's a bit of the basics

The Dawson Student Union represents Dawson's 10,000 full-time and part-time students.  The executive defends student rights and serves students on Collegial bodies, provides advocacy support, promotes student life, and oversees a number of progressive campaigns to bring about positive social change at Dawson and beyond.

We are governed by a set of By-Laws and Standing Regulations available at our office, and soon right here.

All full-time students are members of the DSU. The students elect the Executive Council and the Student Council in the annual general election that is held in March. Students may also vote on referendum questions and by-law changes during these elections- the results of which are binding.

Your 2012-2013 executive: Laura Di Genova, Deputy Chairperson; Edith Beauvais-Sauro, treasurer;  Morgan Crockett, Director of Internal Affairs & Advocacy; Geoffrey Graham, Director of Communications & Moblization; Nicholas Di Penna, Director of External Affairs and Fatima Santin, Director of Student Life.

The executive is supported by staff that aid in the running of the day-to-day functions of the Union. Your DSU staff is
Vijay Krishnan office coordinator and Dawson Dinin' coordinator  Brian Lapuz attaché politique, and Mathieu Murphy-Perron, executive director.